PURL Marketing


Personalized Landing Page “PURL” can dramatically increase the response rates of your next direct mail campaign!

Drive up your direct marketing response rates by engaging your prospects and customers on a deeper level. “PURL” or personalized landing page can be tailored to assist in the capture of specific data elements desired for your next marketing campaign.

What is PURL Marketing?

PURL is a term used to refer to a personalized URL page (Personal Universal Resource Locator). As the name suggests, each and every PURL is personalized, tailored to a specific consumer’s unique needs, likes, and preferences. A PURL can essentially be thought of as a kind of personal website or micro website, and it is often set up in order to supplement or solicit responses to direct mail or email marketing campaigns.

Did you know that a staggering 3 out of 4 customers become frustrated when website content (including ads, promotions, offers, etc.) has nothing to do with their preferences or interests? In spite of this, three-fourths of companies report that they don’t understand how to carry out website personalization, and less than 30 percent of marketers invest in website personalization and the use of behavior base data. PURLs can give your company a competitive edge.

What are the benefits of PURL marketing?

The benefits of PURL marketing are truly innumerable, and PURLs are being hailed by marketing industry experts as the future of the industry. This is because they offer highly personalized interaction between your brand and your customer, improving response rates, tracking capabilities, and engagement. Let’s take an in-depth look at the benefits of PURLs.

Personalization improves response rates. This is because it enhances the relevancy of the message. A typical email campaign will have roughly a 2 percent response rate. When personalization techniques are employed, such as the use of PURLs, companies can raise response rates substantially.

One of the great things about PURLs is that they allow you to easily track the behavior of and collect data about consumers. You can easily track who has visited their PURL, if and when they responded to the PURL’s call to action, what content they viewed, and what they demonstrated an interest in.

When content is specifically tailored to user likes and preferences, engagement rates soar. Research clearly shows that individuals are more likely to interact with content that reflects their own interests. Consumers are more than two times as likely to visit a PURL site personalized with their name than they are to visit a generic URL.

Today, more people are accessing the internet via a mobile device, such as a mobile phone or tablet, than via desktop. However, mobile users have different needs than desktop users. They are likely on the go, and therefore their attention must be grabbed even quicker. A mobile version of your PURL can work to dramatically boost the effectiveness of your campaign.

The bottom line is that PURLs help companies to efficiently acquire information from customers, effectively promote products, successfully boost sales, and create compelling, consumer-specific calls to action. Customer response rates increase by an average of 50 percent when companies add PURLs to their marketing campaigns.

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