Even with much of our marketing channeled through digital mediums, the use of direct mail marketing is still alive and well. Being able to utilize the postal service is a huge factor in having a successful direct marketing campaign, and managing your budget to allow for postal spending. Recently, the United States Postal Service rolled out rate increases for mailing.

These rises in mailing costs can be attributed to a few things. One factor contributing to the escalation of postal prices is the use of electronic alternatives, but another crucial influence is the Postal Service Retiree Health Benefits Fund (or the PSRHBF), which mandates prefunding retiree health benefits as per the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act. The combination of these has caused a significant hindrance to the USPS financial state, which depends on the Postal Regulatory Commission to establish a new pricing system that would allow the USPS to accumulate enough money to cover its costs.

Some of the costs in which you will see an increase include:

  • Full Rate First Class Stamp = Increase of $.01 (Full Rate Stamps will be $.50 each)
  • Full Rate Single Piece Cards = Increase of $.01 (Full Rate Single Piece Cards will be $.35 each)
  • Full Rate Single Piece Flats 1 oz. = Increase of $.02 (Full Rate Single Piece Flats will be $1.00 each)
  • EDDM Flats = Increase of $.001
  • Presort Standard Letters = Increase $.0035
  • Presort First Class Letters= Increase $.005
  • Presort Non Profit Letters = Increase $.0035
  • Presort Flat Rate Standard (PSI) Letters = Increase of $.0035
  • Presort Flat Rate First Class (PSI) Letters = Increase of $.005
  • 87% like getting mail

Because of the financial decline of the USPS, they are working to get back on track with these changes. In comparison to other competitors, the increase may not be as drastic as it seems. For many companies looking to market to new and existing customers, these increases may have an effect on their mailing efforts.

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