Data Management and Processing

With costs increased and a rapidly-growing competition sphere, it is crucial that you utilize every mailing strategy available to you. With over a decade of experience, our experts will ensure that your mailing lists live up to their potential. We offer a vast range of services that will modify addresses, ensure your mail is sent to the right place, and remove duplicates. These services help you save money on postage for your print materials, and increase your marketing ROI.



The USPS offers discounts to people that put their mail files in an order that makes it easier and more cost-effective for the postal service to process the mail.

CASS™ (Coding Accuracy Support System)

CASS processing will regulate your address list, modify obsolete addresses, verify addresses and complete addresses in your mailing list to improve deliverability. Additionally, our entire database is CASS-certified - nearly 100% of your mailpieces will be delivered as expected when renting one of our compiled or managed lists.

Intelligent Mail Barcode

Recently, the USPS has created a new barcode called the IMB. It is much more functional than previous ones like the POSTNET and PLANET Barcodes. Our products are made to be compatible with these IMBs. This will make sure that your mail qualifies for automation rates.


Utilizing the innovation of the IMB, we can track all of your mail as it gets to its destination. You will know if your mail has been delivered and where it is along the way if it hasn’t!

Quality Guaranteed

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