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Digital printing Services, ideal for smaller jobs, takes a digital image and prints it directly to media. It comes under the category of professional printing, though it may be compared to desktop publishing, which relies on laser or inkjet printers.

Digital Offset Printing

It may appear to have a higher cost-per-page associated with it, as compared to offset, but that cost is typically negated since printing plates are not part of the process.

These labor savings, plus technology advancements, means digital offset printing services may match or exceed offset printing technology, so that it, too, can be a cost-effective choice for print runs of thousands of sheets.


  • Avoids cost of producing printing plates
  • Provides on-demand printing
  • Guarantees shorter completion times
  • Offers image modification (variable data)
  • Matches offset printing’s appeal for larger print runs at a low price, in most cases


  • Often, the end-product has lost some fine-image detail

Digital Printing Services

Most commercial digital offset printing process require inkjet or laser printers to lay pigment/toner onto substrates like paper, photo paper, canvas, glass, metal, and marble. The likelihood exists that this type of ink/toner will not go through the substrate, so it forms a thin layer on the surface that may require additional steps to ensure adhesion.

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