Variable-Data Digital Printing

Consumers are inundated with marketing fluff. How will your vital message ever reach them? The answer: Variable-data digital printing.

There’s no reason to stick with a plain-vanilla campaign when you can customize your message to such an extent that each recipient has a reason to respond.

Variable-data printing uses Big Data to personalize a company’s approach to direct mail, all the way down to reaching an individual potential buyer.

Your creative takes center-stage when it comes to direct mail.

Each piece of direct mail can be personalized – automatically putting your piece on top of everyone’s mail stack. Your message will demand attention, and be separated instantly from the flyers, menus, and special offers that don’t interest your customer at all.

Variable-data printing, a type of digital printing, features on-demand printing, where text, graphics, and images may be altered from one printed piece to the next, without affecting the process. This is accomplished by using data from an external file or a database.

If each piece is personalized, the recipient is more inclined to respond. Create attention-grabbing direct mail pieces with clear appeal to your target market, and wait for the swell of responses to follow.

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