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We run multiple state-of-the-art print and lettershop facilities to accommodate clients in different time zones. Our entire lettershop and mailing service platforms were designed with efficiency in mind. Built from the ground up to accommodate the demanding needs of our direct mail clients, we created a system that streamlines the entire process.

Our lettershop solutions provide fast, efficient turnaround, and our database experts will ensure that your mail is processed correctly and you maximize your postage savings.

We are skilled at processing jobs of all sizes. We know exactly how to get your direct mail advertisement processed and out the door to your clients and prospects. Call us today with questions and find out how our lettershop and mailing services division can help you maximize your direct marketing return-on-investment.

Whether you’re mailing 1,000 pieces or 100,000 pieces, and choose first class, nonprofit, or standard presort, we will deliver your message in a powerful package.

If your printed pieces require scoring, creasing, or perforating, we have you covered. Our process will help maintain the quality and integrity of your printed materials. We offer both in-line and offline scoring processes to ensure we always meet the high standards required by our clients.

Shrink-wrapping and poly bagging help you avoid the embarrassment – and likely loss of business – if your piece arrives damaged. We will wrap your printed materials using industry approved clear wrapper to help keep them safe. This is an ideal solution when an envelope is not used.

We are experts at direct and database marketing. Call us for the most accurate, responsive direct mailing lists and sales leads. Our parent company, Amerilist, Inc., offers the highest-quality direct marketing and database marketing solutions, with access to over 250 million consumers and 20 million businesses in the United States alone.


You are most likely familiar with a regular postage stamp. When doing bulk mailing instead of using pre-canceled stamps or even a postage meter, mailers can imprint postage permit info in the upper right corner of the mailpiece.

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USPS Tabbing

The post office has specific requirements regarding FSM - Folded Self Mailers (bifolds, trifoldsor zfold mailers) basically any mailer that requires the use of a tabs to keep it closed during the mailing process.

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Digital Mailing Addressing Standard

A delivery address (recipient address) specifies where the United States Post Office is to deliver your mailpiece. According to the USPS, a delivery address must be complete and legible on the side of the mailpiece that bears the postage.

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Snap Pack Mailers

Snap Pack mailers are very effective in grabbing the attention of recipients, these low cost direct mail pieces work great. Prospects are bombarded with all kinds of direct mail offers, including letters, postcards, brochures and catalogs on a daily basis.

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